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DBA - Doctors of Business Administration

Executives and senior managers encounter increasingly broad and complex issues and must face and confront a variety of business challenges in a global system. As recent events show, these challenges are not limited to shocks and external factors, but also include internal factors that arise from the increasingly complex interactions that take place within organizations.

The DBA program could be the launching pad to the next phase of your career. This program will provide you with ap- plied knowledge and integrated view of business. The program is designed to ensure that you gain an in-depth understanding of your own discipline/subject area as well as a broad edu- cational base through thematic courses that use tools and techniques to conduct quality, business-relevant research.

It is paramount that senior practitioners not only master the tools, techniques and methods in business but also develop critical knowledge conducted in the research sphere and the different forces shaping the research in their own business area. Mastering this combination of practice and research will provide you with a broader factual knowledge and integrated thinking and insights that will make you a successful business professional in your own field.

There is a significant and a dire shortage of business faculty with a mixed profile of business and research. Estimates of retirement and growth in business education show a expected gap between the number of business faculty being produced and demand for faculty with a DBA degree. The DBA program at COTRUGLI will open the door for you not only in business but also in academia as many business schools prefer to hire people who hold a DBA degree.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the DBA program and assure you that we will do our best to make your experience at COTRUGLI a memorable one.

Mission and learning goals

The mission of the DBA program is to prepare higher-level managers with significant business experience to become engaged scholars, reflective practitioners or faculty members. This is done by offering a struc- tured doctorate degree program that is both rigorous and relevant, using a combination of course work and a high quality original research thesis.

At the completion of the DBA program students will have:

epistemology, methodology and strategy 

A thorough knowledge of practical research epistemology, methodology and strategy

Advanced knowledge Advanced knowledge of the Participant’s chosen area(s) of specialization
Ability to contribute to the enhancement Ability to contribute to the enhancement of knowledge in a chosen field of Business Administration
Ability to transfer knowledge Ability to transfer knowledge and foster knowledge creation
Ability to analyze issues and situations in business Ability to analyze issues and situations in business with a specifically global dimension.
Curriculum structure   

The DBA program consists of course work and supervised research resulting in
a DBA thesis. The course work has a focus on qualitative and quantitative research methods for business students and emphasizes current issues in the main business disciplines as well as selected themes that fit both the student population preferences and the strengths of COTRUGLI.
The program will typically take 48 months, with a possibility for advanced students to complete the degree in 36 months.
COTRUGLI DBA comprises a combination of formal courses and research, the Course stage and the Mentored/Supervised (research) stage.

To graduate successfully with the DBA, you will need to:


COURSE STAGE, YEAR 1: Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the subject discipline(s) required to underpin the subject of your thesis.


MENTORED STAGE, YEAR 2: Acquire the skills needed to define and undertake a thesis, and define an appropriate subject for your thesis.

SUPERVISED STAGE, YEAR 3-4 SUPERVISED STAGE, YEAR 3-4: Conduct a literature search and write and defend your thesis.
DBA THESIS DBA THESIS: Thesis subjects are wide-ranging and may cover almost any aspect of applied business.
DBA students can develop a thesis in any of the following subject areas: Manage- ment, Entrepreneurship, Finance, HR, Leadership, Marketing, Supply chain manage- ment, Information technology management, Decision making, Innovation manage- ment, etc.

DBA Admissions   

The DBA program is aimed at post-experience students with a recognized Master’s degree in Management (offering an adaptation program for those with deficiencies) and guides students towards executing and reporting their own original research project. The program is designed for part-time students. All applicants for the DBA program must complete an official application, which is submitted to the DBA Director after
a pre-selection by the COTRUGLI Program Director. Admission is granted on a competitive basis.

Previous academic history, letters of recommendation, motivation and aptitude to do postgraduate level work, and professional experience are all taken into consideration.

Applications are received 365 days a year.

Tuition fee is € 28.000 + VAT for the first 4 years of the program.
For the 5th and 6th year tuition fee is € 3.000 + VAT per year.

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